RW Quad Grand Champion Starangel Gabriel


Negative for HCM 2012 thru 2016
Cardiologist Steven Rothenthal, DVD, DACVM
William Tyrrell, DVM,DACVM
PRA & PDR N/N Neg and free of all disease by Tica Optimal Selection 

 Awesome StarAngel RW Quad Grand Champion Gabriel. Our top producer. Gabriel has awesome contrast with symmetrical, tri-colored rosetting and remains whited since birth, producing whited kittens.  A perfect profile, small rounded ears, large, nocturnal green eyes. He is homozygous dominate for rosettes. Which means all his kittens will ALWAYS produce rosettes. Wild in appearance, he has a sweeet purr-sonality giving to all  his progency.



Our New Silver Seal Lynx Point 
StarAngel Monte Glacier 

Stunning, handsome Mont Glacier is son of Sephora and Gabriel.  Both parents are HCM negative.  Glacier has been tested with Optical Selection with all clear findings.  Our beautiful male has an outstanding profile.  He will be bred to Silva in the future.  We hope to go to a show with him in the future.  Sweet, gorgeous SSLP coat with glitter. Strong, muscular male.   He will produce both Seal Lynx Point kittens and Silver.  PKD and PRK normal