Our standard application for kittens and adoptee (see below), the purpose of which is to help us obtain a brief profile of the potential homes for our kittens. We are located in the South Jersey area, minutes from Turnpike Exit 3 or N/S Freeway, Exit 12. 

We would like to hear about your expectations of a companion for yourself or family. Based on this information, and since a kitten's personality may have a lot to do with whether it will make a successful transition into a home, we try to supply a kitten or cat with the personality and disposition that will help it be a successful addition to its new home and family. Research of each type of Cat is very important for a quality relationship with your pet. All cats have different qualities and personalities. Bengals are active, intelligent, inquisitive.

Thank you for your interest in our kittens! 

Peggy Angelastro