Foundation Queen

Our Very Special and Beautiful Sheza Dream is our 14 y/o Retiree. She is our Foundation Queen.

Kingsmark Poetic Dreamer (aka Poetry)

Negative for HCM 5/16/2016 
Cardiologists: Steven Rostenthal, DVM, DACVIM 
William Tyrrell, DVM, DACVIM 
PKA & PRA Normal

Poetry stalking
Poetry profile

Thank you Karen Sausman for entrusting us with our beautiful Poetry.  We are proud to have this special girl out of top bloodlines. She has an incredibly awesome pattern.  A lovely head, small ears, lovely, straight profile, puffy whisker pads and lovely brown eyes.   

Parents: Sire: Koppiekatz Dream Chaser 
Dam:  Jungletrax Poetry in Motion

Poetry's Pedigree

Her parents are both HCM Negative 
PK & PRA Normal  
Cleared of all disease by Optimal Selection


Our Stunning Charcoal Silver Sephora of StarAngel

Producing Beautiful Silver & Snow Kittens

silver bengal

Stunning Sephora with dignity and gentleness has lovely Rosettes with Golden eyes. 

PK & PRA Normal 
Cleared normal for all disease by OPTIMAL SELECTION


Lawtonmews Petra of Starangel

petra bengal queen
petra bengal queen

Lawntonmews Silva of Starangel