Starangel breeds for quality not only to sell but to have queens to produce show cats and championship Bengals. Special studs, beautiful queens and proven bloodlines. 

Using the Bengal Standard, my primary goal is to help you find the perfect cat or kitten for your family or for  your own breeding program.  If I do not have any kittens that are just right for you, I can place you on my waiting list.   The emphasis of Starangel Bengals is placed on using the Bengal Standard as our guide. 

We strive to preserve the beauty of the Breed.

We love talking about our beautiful bengals.  Please contact us anytime by email. 

Sometimes between my work schedule and taking care of the cats/kittens, it is too time consuming for telephone calls.  Drop an email and I will respond the same day to all of your questions. Additionally, you can search the menu above where you can find most all questions can be answered, Thank you! 

To my  future clients, my primary focus is finding the perfect homes for my bengal kittens. Not everyone is a good fit.  I have 17 years of experience, have helped add dozens of  these bundles of love to beautiful families and my cattery is not only highly awarded,  but clean and filled with love.  Check out some of the references on the ALUMNI page.