Our standard application for kittens and adoptee (see below), the purpose of which is to help us obtain a brief profile of the potential homes for our kittens. We are located in the South Jersey area, minutes from Turnpike Exit 3 or N/S Freeway, Exit 12.

We would like to hear about your expectations of a companion for yourself or family. Based on this information, and since a kitten's personality may have a lot to do with whether it will make a successful transition into a home, we try to supply a kitten or cat with the personality and disposition that will help it be a successful addition to its new home and family. Research of each type of Cat is very important for a quality relationship with your pet. All cats have different qualities and personalities. Bengals are active, intelligent, inquisitive.

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5. Please let me know where you heard about us?

6. Have you had a cat or kitten previously, if so, was it purebred?

7. Have you ever had kittens or a cat neutered or spayed?

8. If you’ve had cats before, what caused separation?

9. Have you ever had a cat declawed?

10. Have you ever had a cat that had a serious disease, ie: cardiomyopathy, kidney disease, cataracts, etc.? Are you familiar with other diseases, such as FeLV, FIV, FIP?

11. Do you have a "family vet"?

12. Have you done any research on the Bengal breed?

13. What are your expectations of a companion cat?

14. Will it be an indoor cat at all times?

15. Do you have other animals?

16. Do you live an apartment, town house, or condo?

17. Do you or any family members smoke?

18. Do you work full time or are you home during the daytime?

19. Do you have any other pets at this time--cats, dogs, smaller animals?

20. Is this to be a family pet, or will it be your own companion?

21. How often do you travel? Do you have a good pet sitter?

22. What are you looking for? Which litter do you want a kitten from? What is your preferred color? Do you want a male or female?

While we can’t always give you what you want, we like to know what you are looking for.


Thank you for your interest in our kittens!

Peggy Angelastro