Guidelines For Buying A Bengal Kitten

We do NOT have Visitation to pick a kitten.

Buying a kitten is a decision each person must make very carefully.  Consider the breed characteristics and make sure the Bengal is the right match for you and your family.  Make this decision thoughtfully.  You are about to engage in a relationship that may be in place for the next 20 + years.  Please read the information below carefully.

StarAngel Bengals is proud of their healthy kittens and adults. To assure this for our buyers, the information below is crucial to those requesting visits. There are no visits before first vaccination, approx 8 weeks of age, no handling. If there is another new litter, we advice against visit.  Thank you for understanding. 

Information below is a suggestion of what should be expected and can be found at the TICA Outstanding Cattery & TIBCS Breeder of Distinction.

Visits are not always possible.  This breeder does NOT believe in visits at early ages because it is unhealthy for both kittens and Mother.  They

cannot be touched by clients.  Mother becomes very anxious and upset, when kittens are very young.   If shopping around,

please consider reading all information on the website of the breeder, and also go to the TIBCS website and TICA websites as well to see if they are

members of these associations.  If  a Breeder is not listed on the sites, they may not be reputable.

*    Be certain you get a contract with a kitten.  A Vet Health Certificate for the kitten and a Guarantee that the kitten is parasite free.

·        Never buy a kitten or any pet on impulse!  Do your Research!  Look at various websites before a decision to buy.

      Phone calls are NOT always necessary. All questions can be completed by email.  Phone calls are very time consuming

      or the breeder who is very busy keeping her cattery and cats clean and well cared for.  PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A

     VISIT TO CHOOSE A KITTEN, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.  Kittens cannot be seen b/f first vaccination.  If breeders

     has other kittens arriving, visits are not available.   It is both upsetting & unhealthy for the Mother and  kittens to have visitors. 

    It can be very upsetting for the Mother when kittens are very young.   

·        Never buy a kitten from a pet shop. 

·        Visiting a breeder at the cattery/home maybe be IMPOSSIBLE for various reasons. Policies are in place for a reason.

       A quality breeder can be quite busy. There are rules for visitation. 

·         A reputable breeder will discuss and answer questions. This can be accomplish by email. 

      Most answers to your questions can be found on the website.

·        You could have lots of questions. By sending emails, they will all be answered.

·         It is understood, the living area of the kitten should be clean without accumulation of dirt. 

      When breeder is TIBCS Breeder of Distinction and TICA Outstanding Cattery, that tells you this is a clean, well kept cattery

      Examined by a Veterinarian.  The Veterinarian has all the breeder's records and knows the care of the cats.

·        Dry food may be left out all the time, but perishable food should be served, and removed soon as eaten.

·        There could be no feeders with molded or dried perishable food.

·        Water should have fresh water with no debris, cat food, etc. in the water.

·        If cats are kept in an outside enclosure, there should be no flies present.

·        The premises should have plenty of room for the number of cats present.

·        Kittens should appear vigorous and healthy. 

·        Kittens should have clear eyes, no presence of third eyelid, with bodies well filled out, no pot bellies, no bumps on skin or missing hair, no coughing, sneezing, wheezing.

·        The kitten's temperament should be excellent.  This does not necessarily mean they will want to be held at the exact moment you want to hold them. Temperament can be shy or fearful when very young.  Mother can be dominate and protective.

·        They should be alert and inquisitive.

·        Kittens should be raised with DAILY human contact from day of birthing.  This will help the kittens be better adjusted, when they relocate to their new home. 

·        Kittens usually will go to new homes about 10 to 11 weeks of age.  Prior to going to their new family, they should have had at least one vaccination, and most cases two vaccinations and been dewormed twice.  On rare occasions they will leave later than 10 weeks. All kittens leave with a CERTIFICATION TO BE FREE OF PARASITE and worms with Vet Health Certificate and contract.