We strongly abide by the TIBCS Code of Ethics and are a Breeder of Distinction through TIBCS. An honor given by having an TICA Outstanding Cattery. We are here for our kittens after sales, being a continual Mentor for the health and welfare of the kittens and their families.

We are a small cattery. We do not produce kittens frequently.  We have healthy well socialized kittens that are expensive to maintain! There are Vet expenses, food, litter, specific treatments to prevent infections from ticks, parasites, mosquitoes, StarAngel is FeLV/FIV free with all breeder cats tested prior to breeding.  HCM and fecal testing are done with all our cats prior to breeding. All kittens are tested and paperwork provided to clients, before leaving to their new homes. Continuation of health and well being for the cats is not cheap. We give the best to our Bengal.  In doing so, we give the best to our clients and their families. 


StarAngel Bengals are guaranteed Healthy and are Negative for HCM, PKD, PRA, FeLV, FIV, FIP, Tri-Trich, Giardia, Coccidiose


                    IMPORTANT FAQS

      Please Read Below.  We guarantee the health of our kittens!  You are getting top quality lines, and a guarantee of health and kittens free of disease & parasites. PLEASE READ BELOW.  

* Responsible breeding with top bloodlines using the TICA Bengal Standard.  *1 to 2 Pfizer 3 way vaccines given with each kitten *well socialized from day of birthing *handled daily *Born, raised & socialized in a home environment. * Current on HCM/Heart screenings by Dr. Rosenthal & Dr. Tyrells of CVCA, Maryland, NJ (Cardiology). See the LINKS page for pictures of testing. *Tested for Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency  * Negative for FeLV/FIV by parents negativity  *Fecal testing prior to sales  * Guaranteed Negative for Trichichomas, Giardia, Coccidia & Herpes. * CLOSED CATTERY (means no cats brought in for breeding from other cattery that may have or cause  disease to our breeders) *Raised on High Quality Nutrition   * On Going Support & Mentoring Communication  from StarAngel Bengals after purchase. *TICA  & TIBCS, TIBBC, CFA, Registered cattery.  All kittens sold as PETS are required to have spaying/neutering by 5 to 6 months per contract.  

Gift Packet for each Kitten.  All kittens leave here with Health Certificates signed by a Vet, Fecal Testing to prove they are free of all parasites/worms. A Combo Tests of parents to prove they are negative for FelV/FIV by parent negativity.  Vaccination paperwork to provide to your Vet showing type of vaccine and dates given. Detailed information on spay & neuter of the kitten. A full pedigree of the parents.



                                             PRICING BELOW

A Non Refundable deposit of $500 will hold a kitten or Retiree. If you cancel, you loose deposit. If you choose a particular SEX in the litter, and it is not available, deposit will go toward the next litter. The litters are on the KITTEN page so you can see parents and expected dates. References on ALUMNI page.  


Prices are variable according to pattern, color, bloodlines of kitten 

Breeder cannot determine sex, color or final pricing until birthing.

Pet kittens vary. $1200 and up.


GABRIEL'S pet kittens on the higher end, starting $1500.

Gabriel is our top breeder and show male.  He has produced the most beautiful kittens/cats

on both the ALUMNI and RETIREE pages.  You can see his quality in the pictures.


CASEY'S kittens are $1200.

Casey is a our new stud. Who will be bred to Gabriel's daughters and other top quality females.


ALL Kittens are priced by pattern, bloodlines and breeding 

Show Quality kittens $1800 up to $2000

Snows & Silvers pricing according to bloodlines & pattern vary

Retirees  $600 to $1000 according to age, spay/neuter, microchip fees





   We Guarantee a healthy & exceptional kitten from StarAngel Bengals

                       More Policies regarding Deposits

     Please do not make Deposit without Reading this information.  *Please Read* Balance for all sales may be paid at time of pickup in cash or money order.  NO *personal checks* are accepted at pickup. No Credit Cards.   All pickups will be at a mutually agreed upon appointment.  If pickup date is change more than 1 week from original date agreed upon, additional deposit is required. ***If no PICKUP by client, on date scheduled and agreed upon by both parties, OR if kitten is 6 weeks or older, the client will loose deposit without opportunity to apply toward another kitten. Breeder has turned away several buyers in the 6 weeks kitten was sold to prospective buyer.   It is client's responsibility to communicate with Breeder regarding a purchase, confirming final choice.  If no communication or confirmation, breeder will assume client doesn't want kitten and will sell.  Any change of pickup date is required by Client & Breeder.  No other family member may pickup kitten.   Whenever  a deposit is made on a kitten or Retiree, it is being held for the client, and other clients are being turned away.  Breeder will have lost many sale opportunities during the holding period.  The Deposit will be lost.  Client understands, when they come to pickup chosen kitten, and decide they want a different kitten this rule applies, no changing kitten choices at pickup.  Breeder has lost opportunities to sell said kitten. There will be no other litter choices or exchanges for another kitten.  Deposits are lost for Retirees as well, should client change their mind.  As the Breeder has lost many sales during those 6-7 week period. If client has known allergies prior to deposit, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A DEPOSIT.  It is not fair to take a kitten home, then have to return kitten or re-home.

                                      "BREEDER HAS FIRST CHOICE OF LITTER"

                    "Breeder has right to cancel any sale we feel is not in best interest of the kitten"

  If the Client cancels, deposit is NOT refunded.  If the Breeder cancels, a refund is provided. Refunds can take 6 weeks.